by Luqman Ismail
Located at south-eastern coast of Sabah, the small island called Mabul has been a fishing village since the 1970. There are two main villages on the island, “Kampung Mabul” and “Kampung Musu”. The 1999 census recorded approximately 2000 villagers living in Mabul, half of them children below 14 years old. The majority are immigrants from relatively nearby clusters of islands in the southern Philippines. These residents are mainly Bajau Laut and Suluk Muslims who live a nomadic lifestyle. Back in October 2015, when im going to Mabul for diving trip. Before going, i make some research about Mabul life. So, i decided i just want to document a growing child of their daily routine at Mabul.I will come back to Mabul to continue photograph soon.