by Hafizi Mohamed

In the state of Kelantan Darul Naim, keeping or breeding horse is part of the tradition of the people.In Malaysia, Kelantan is known as a renowned development center for its unique horse, young riding horses bareback and without shoes bare foot bare back rider or rider. Kelantan is also a country that produces the best jockey in horse racing. This is because the parents are supporting equestrian sport, they will encourage their children to pursue sports as early as their children aged 7 years. Although the capital to own it quite expensive people said, preserve and horse farms are increasingly popular and in demand by the population in the state of Kelantan. Therefore, the people of Kelantan want to continue this tradition in the future so that generations to come will bring the sport forward. Various categories of competitions in Kelantan including dressage horse, racing, endurance and also beautiful horse. One of the events that have been taking place is Kubang Golok Horse racing Sprint held on September 5, 2015 in Kubang Golok, Bachok Kelantan.