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32.37 million Malaysia people has to stayed home to stop Covid-19 outbreak. Malaysia is one of Southern East Asian countries effected with the pandemic with more that 6,819 total cases and 112 death recorded so far.

It has been 59 days since Malaysians adapted living under the movement control order (MCO) implemented by government on March 18 to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this movement to isolate the source of the coronavirus outbreak.

Many things have changed – life in the city does not seem so busy, businesses and educational institutions are still closed, only essential services are allowed to continue, and many are using this “break” to be with their families.

For this year, there are no trips to Ramadan bazaars and no terawih prayers in mosques and surau. Even though it is unsure when MCO will be lift, what’s certain is that Malaysia is changed by it.

Here are the pictures from outstanding photographers around Malaysia, to portray the life during MCO. From frontliner on the field to immigrant workers whose work on construction site during this time.




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